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Professional Investigation Services in Burbank


If you need to figure out someone’s lifestyle or want a certain place watched over, let us know. We provide exceptional surveillance services for whatever case it calls for. We use different techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee that we are discreet. All documentation can be provided to you at your request.

Infidelity Investigations

Stop feeling paranoid about your partner cheating. You do not have to live your life in doubt. Inquire now of everything we can do for you so you can stop that feeling of suspicion. Whether they are being faithful or cheating, we will find out without exposing your suspicions.

If you need video and/or photo documentation, we’ll make sure we provide them to you.

Missing Persons/ Skip Tracing

Looking for someone in specific but don’t know where to start? Let us do the work for you and worry no more. We have efficient techniques in searching for exactly what you are looking for.

Find Person’s Current Employer

Through online databases, we can find that person’s current employer. Whether it be for a background check or something you prefer not to disclose, we'll find the answers you need.

Data Base Record Search

Despite the availability of online databases, it is not always that easy to look for the information you need in an instant. Save yourself the time to do more important things and allow us to do all the searching for you. Give us the information we need in searching for that person and we’ll make sure you get all records we can find.

Undercover Operations

Undercover operations are mostly needed when we need to get up close and personal with something or someone you want investigated. Our decades of experience in the field have polished all the skills needed for going undercover. Just let us know what you need and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

During such operations, our professional investigators can also testify in court if needed.

Child Custody and Recovery

Don’t waste any more time worrying about the safety of your child with your ex. Let us find out whether your son/daughter is being treated right. We will find out if it is necessary that you keep sole custody of your child. Video and/or photo documentations will also be made available which you can use in court. Our investigators can state under oath what was observed during review.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Filling a spot in your company is not that easy. With the technology nowadays, we can easily be fooled. Make sure you are hiring the right person to fill that spot. Criminal records are highly important and we make sure we go through all their records. A pre-employment release form is required.

Loss Prevention

Small and medium sized retail businesses are the most common establishments being robbed. Let our private investigators quickly install hidden cameras so you can watch what your employees are doing behind your back. Our private investigators can also go undercover to investigate your employees.

Make sure your profit does not go to other people's pockets. Call us now!

Attorney Services

We offer general attorney services such as: locating witnesses, jury pool backgrounds, background investigations, surveillance, process of service, and many more. Call us to let us know what you require.

Tenant Screening

Have a candidate tenant for your establishment and want to make sure that you won’t be housing a criminal? Call us now so we can investigate their lifestyle and do the necessary background checks. We will provide you with all the information you need so that you will feel safe.

Recorded or Sworn Statements

Using modern and reliable equipment, we can document any statements you need. All these can be used in the court of law. Phone recorded statements can also be arranged if necessary.

Victim Assistance

Getting past being a victim of a brutal misdemeanor is not simple, especially when you are left with hanging questions. The law enforcement can sometimes only go so far, making it even more excruciating.

Give us a ring so we can assess what we can do for you. We can further investigate and even provide you the necessary documentation you might need in the court of law.

Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras

In the world we live in right now, leaving your son/daughter with a babysitter is never easy. You can never know what goes on each time you close that front door. Fret no more and know every move being made while you are away.

Our private investigators can install hidden cameras right where you need them. With this, you will immediately know if it is time to either give your nanny a raise or terminate their services.

Polygraph Examination

Using our top notch equipment, we can conduct dependable polygraph examinations for anybody. If you need to stop the mistrust or just want nothing but the truth, let us know what you need and we'll make sure you get the information you deserve.

Process of Service

Filing and issuing of process can be such a pain. We can help you and spare you the hassle of going through this. Provided you give us the correct address of the lucky one, we will continually attempt to serve them the papers without extra mileage fees.

Electronic Countermeasures

Getting that feeling of being eavesdropped on? Let us know so we can carefully inspect your home or office and make sure we find the wire taps or phone bugs that are not supposed to be there. Act now and put to an end to the eavesdroppers listening to your confidential or personal conversations!

Dead Beat Dads/Moms

Need the support from your ex-spouse because you can’t properly suffice the needs of your child? Give us a name and a social security number and we'll do the rest for you. We can even help you collect overdue payments. Our private investigators can also testify under oath if needed.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Receiving suspicious claims or just wanting to make sure you are not being scammed? Give us a ring now to make sure your money is not going to waste. We will conduct surveillance operations to review their lifestyle and neighborhood.

Accident Scene Investigations

If you need documentations for an accident you were recently in, call us so we can provide you with what you need. When further investigation is also needed, we can surely help you.

Background Investigations/Criminal Records

The information we will provide you for this service ranges from criminal and civil records to a person’s reputation, employment status, and many more. This is helpful in a lot of cases.